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Fencing Lessons
Have you ever wanted to learn the age-old art of sword fighting? Fencing is the sport that brings that art to modern times. Our classes are offered through NMC Extended Education and can be registered for by calling 231-995-1700. To view the class offerings on NMC's web site click here.

Beginning Fencing
In this class students will learn about the basics of the sport including; an introduction to the weapons fencing, description of equipment, discussion of rules and safety, body positions, footwork, basic blade positions and parries. Skill-building drills and an introduction to techniques and strategies will also be included. Fencing games will be incorporated in youth classes to add fun and build skills at the same time. All gear for this class will be provided. Wear athletic pants and gym shoes. Fencers will be separated into age and skill appropriate groups as necessary.

Beginning Fencing (ages 9 & up)
8 Sundays, January 4 - February 22
Time: 5-6 p.m.
Location: Three Swords Fencing Club (2819 Cass Rd., Suite E6)
Cost: $129

Click here to register online now or call 231-995-1700.

Did you miss registering for a class? Contact us and we'll see if we can fit you in.